Thursday, May 26, 2011

What is JavaScript?

Another term you are going to hear good bit about working with web pages is JavaScript. JavaScript is a scripting language often use for adding interactivity and functionality to web pages. It was created in 1995 by Netscape. It is been gaining popularity ever since. Although it shares the similar name, Java Script actually has nothing to do with the programming language Java.
Netscape license the term Java from son to help in the adaption of the new scripting language and it seems to be paid off. Java script is  still around and more robust than ever. Even Netscape has for the most part sees to exists. Java Script allows to create interactive element such as rollovers, open new browser windows, about the forms and generate dynamic content. Many standard JavaScript libraries such as JQuarry, prototype and adobe’s spry library have been created to help web designers control complex interactions and functionality. If learning scripting language has you worried… don’t. Dreamweaver has JavaScript behind the scene as you build pages. Using behaviors will add the appropriate JavaScript to your page. Adding spry elements and functionality will prop Dreamweaver to create a sprite assets directory and add the necessary JavaScript files to the folder. Even smaller things like adding Flash files to your site will add links to your JavaScript that will help with flash detection and controlling active content in internet explorer. Truthfully if you ever want to control this type of functionality to yourself learning JavaScript is necessary and good thing. For the most part however Dreamweaver can handle what you will want to do initially with JavaScript automatically.


Mel Cole said...

I remember my husband explained to me about the difference on Java and javascript. They are just made to confuse people. lol. Java is different from javascript indeed. I heard and it may be true that Google crawlers doesn't like lots of javascript in a website. I kept that in my mind.

Lucky said...

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