Monday, May 23, 2011

What is an index page?

You may have noticed when surfing online that often you pointing directly to the page such as like we are here. Other time you are simply pointing to directory or root directory such as so if we go backup and we browse to we are still to the page even though we are pointing a specific page that
So how does the browser know where to go when you do an exclusively define the page as part of the path. Each directory including the root directory can have a default page when that opens up simply by pointing the browser to that directory. That page is often referred to as the index page. Since that is the most commonly named. Each web server has preference that can be set when choosing the directories default page name. Although most web server are set to either display index.htm or default.htm as the default page. Default.htm is not widely used any more so you probably pretty safe in sticking with calling your default page index.htm. For our groundswell site our index.htm page will be our site’s home page. If you don’t put it in index file in the directory some web server will displays a file listing of all the files in the directory. This can be a real secure issue. So placing it in index page in each directory is not a bad practice although these days most web servers have preferences that prevent directory listing form occurring. The best thing to do is to check with your hosting company to see if you can set these preferences.


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